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Open Europe acts as the secretariat to the All Party Parliamentary Group on European reform, which holds regular meetings of Parliamentarians of all parties to research and evaluate various different areas of EU policy and assess them on their merits, including whether they are better dealt with at the national, regional or local level. The APPG works with MEPs, interest groups and other experts to explore what a reformed Europe, including a new UK-EU relationship, could look like and what needs to be done to get there. Open Europe regularly presents its research to the group, briefing Parliamentarians on EU policy areas and bringing together a range of different groups and individuals with an interest in EU reform.

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Contact the Open Europe team for analysis or a media enquiry

The Open Europe team has a wide range of expertise in EU affairs. Our research and analysis is widely quoted by print and broadcast media across Europe and beyond.

If you are a journalist and would like to contact one of the team for an interview, please click here or call the office on
+44 (0)207 197 2333.

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You can support us in two vital ways:

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Open Europe is a small, lean operation which relies entirely on individual donations. You can easily and securely donate online or send us a cheque.

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If you are a business person or other leading expert in your field, and would like to lend your name and support to our cause, please contact Carole Cassidy:

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